Annual Reviews

2023 Annual Review

  • Women’s Visual Protest Movements in Iran: A Conversation with Parichehr Kazemi, by Jenée Wilde, Senior Instructor, Department of English
  • Haunting Ecologies, by Jenée Wilde, Senior Instructor, Department of English
  • An Invitation from the Director of CSWS, by Sangita Gopal, Associate Professor, Department of Cinema Studies
  • Reflections on Gender, Sexuality, and Power  
  • New Faculty Reception
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2022 Annual Review

  • On the Implications of Overturning Roe
  • A Year in Review by Sangita Gopal
  • Reflecting on the 2022 Acker–Morgen Lecture by Olivia Atkinson, PhD Student, Political Science
  • CSWS Expands Support for Graduate Students by Jenée Wilde, Senior Instructor, Department of English
  • Catching Up with Baran Germen by Jenée Wilde, Senior Instructor, Department of English
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2021 Annual Review

  • A Letter from the Past Director by Michelle McKinley, Bernard B. Kliks Professor of Law
  • New Special Project Advocates for Institutional Change by Jenée Wilde, Dissemination Specialist, CSWS
  • Spotlight on CSWS Affiliate Major Field Awards
  • Gyoung-Ah Lee to Lead WOC Project by Jenée Wilde, Dissemination Specialist, CSWS
  • An Interview with Sangita Gopal by Jenée Wilde, Dissemination Specialist, CSWS
  • Reflections: UO Graduate Students Share How Works by WOC Faculty Changed Them
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2020 Annual Review

  • 2019-2020 Year in Review: A Letter from the Director by Michelle McKinley, Director, CSWS
  • Supporting Women of Color at UO by Sangita Gopal, Associate Professor, Department of Cinema Studies
  • “She Was a Terrific Advocate”: Joan Acker Inspired Alumnus’ Career and Lifelong Connection to CSWS by Jenée Wilde, Dissemination Specialist, CSWS
  • Writing A Death in Harlem: A Conversation with Karla Holloway Interview by Ulrick Casimir, Career Instructor, Department
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2019 Annual Review

  • Gender, Power, and Grief by Michelle McKinley, Director, CSWS 
  • 2018-2019 Year in Review
  • Spotlight on New Feminist Scholars
  • Reflections on My Year at CSWS by V Varun Chaudhry, Instructor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, Brandeis University

Faculty Research

  • After Work: Female Workers in in the Garment Industry in Bangladesh by Lamia Karim, Associate Professor
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2016 Annual Review

  • “CSWS Has a New Director,” by Alice Evans, Managing Editor
  • “Voices of the Vanquished,” by Gina Herrmann, Associate Professor of Spanish, Romance Languages
  • “The Afterlife of Princess Ka‘iulani,” by Stephanie Teves, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies
  • “Women in Papua New Guinea,” by Aletta Biersack, Professor, Department of Anthropology
  • “Daughters of the Moon: True Life Stories from the Lacandon Rain Forest,” by Analisa Taylor, Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Romance Languages
  • “The Forgotten
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2015 Annual Review


  • “Facing Up to Institutional Betrayal,” by Michael Hames-García, 2014-15 Director, CSWS
  • “Sangita Gopal Joins CSWS Staff,” by Alice Evans, CSWS Research Dissemination Specialist
  • “Retrospective,” by Gabriela Martínez, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication
  • “A Fruitful Collaboration,” by Margaret Hallock, Director, Wayne Morse Center

Special Section: Supporting Research

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2014 Annual Review

An Interview with Michael Hames-García, Director, CSWS

Special Section: Collaborative Research

“The Collaboration Continuum” by Michael Hames-García

“Collaboration through Conversation” by Jenée Wilde, PhD candidate, Department of English (Folklore)

“Plugging into the Recharge Station” by Mary E. Wood, Professor, Department of English

“Harnessing Hearts and Minds: The Power of Activism in Academia” by Marina Rosenthal & Carly Smith, PhD candidates, Department of Psychology

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2013 Annual Review

“Funding Feminist Futures” by Carol Stabile, Director, CSWS

“For Love of a Feminist: Jane Grant, William Harris, and the ‘Fund’” by Jenée Wilde, PhD candidate, Department of English (Folklore), UO

“Research Can Serve as the Anchor for Feminism’s Future” by Áine Duggan, President, National Council on Research for Women

“Collaboration as a Challenge and Opportunity in Higher Education” by Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, UO

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2012 Annual Review

“The Rise and Fall of The Goldbergs,” by Carol Stabile, director, CSWS, and professor, SOJC and women’s and gender studies — Despite widespread support as evidenced through fan mail, this popular show by Jewish writer Gertrude Berg was ultimately squelched by anti-communist activists.

“Witnessing in the Americas: A Conversation with Gabriela Martínez,” documentary filmmaker, SOJC associate professor, and the new associate director of CSWS.

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2011 Annual Review

“Capitalism, Politics, and Gender: A Suicide in Shanghai”—Bryna Goodman, director of Asian Studies and executive director of the UO Confucius Institute for Global China Studies, writes about a legal drama at the center of her CSWS-supported book project.

“Studying Bollywood: An Interview with Sangita Gopal”—Globalization, isolation, couples, and changing gender roles.

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2010 Annual Review

On the Road in Eugene
CSWS celebrates women’s History Month by taking its road Scholars program to the 4J schools—after a competition among graduate students.
By Alice Evans, CSWS

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties
Made possible by the gift of Madge and Val Lorwin, the inaugural Lorwin Lectureship will focus on women’s rights in a Global world. But who were the Lorwins? A conversation with UO History professor George Sheridan.
An Interview by Alice Evans, CSWS

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