2022 Annual Review


  • On the Implications of Overturning Roe
  • A Year in Review by Sangita Gopal
  • Reflecting on the 2022 Acker–Morgen Lecture by Olivia Atkinson, PhD Student, Political Science
  • CSWS Expands Support for Graduate Students by Jenée Wilde, Senior Instructor, Department of English
  • Catching Up with Baran Germen by Jenée Wilde, Senior Instructor, Department of English

Faculty Research

  • Women Defending the Theatre in Early Modern Europe by Corinne Bayerl, Senior Career Instructor, Clark Honors College
  • Resisting and Reclaiming: Housing Occupations by Homeless Mothers in Three US Cities by Claire Herbert, PhD, and Amanda Ricketts, MA, Department of Sociology

Graduate Student Research

  • Viral Bodies: AIDS and Other Contagions in Latin American Narrative by Jon Dell Jaramillo, PhD Candidate, Department of Romance Languages
  • Informal Labor Blues: Gendered Effects of COVID-19 and Beyond on Backward Caste Women in India by Malvya Chintakindi, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology
  • The Danger of a Metaphor: The Female Body and Land in Polish Theatre and Performance by Anna Dulba-Barnett, PhD Candidate , Department of Theatre Arts
  • Masculinization of Maternal Reproductive Health in Rural Ghana by Elinam Balimenuku Amevor, PhD, School of Journalism and Communication
  • Queering Heteronormative Desire through Vocality by Aidan Pang, PhD, Department of English
  • Mapping the Decolonial by Teresa Hernández-Reed, PhD, Department of English
  • Paradise as a Way of Being: Rethinking Relations in Three French Feminist Authors by Robin Okumu, PhD, Department of Comparative Literature
  • Collegiate Performances at Historic Hayward Field by O Adeniji, PhD Candidate, Department of Human Physiology
  • A Critique of Whiteness as Cleanliness by Annalee Ring, PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy
  • Pandemic Health Consequences for Child Welfare-Involved Women Caregivers by Sarah R. Horn, PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology
  • Toward a Multi-Directional Feminist Critique of Gender Oppression in the Global South by Zeinab Nobowati, PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy
  • Examining Gendered and Racialized Violence Toward the Black Community by Melissa L. Barnes, PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology
  • Body Mapping: A Decolonial Methodology for Inter-generational Healing among GuateMaya Feminist Groups by Carla Macal, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography

Highlights from the Academic Year

  • News & Updates   
  • 2021–22 CSWS Research Grant Award Winners
  • Balancing Work and Caregiving Teach-in
Publication Year