Travel Grants

The Center for the Study of Women in Society invites applications for travel grants that provide partial support of expenses incurred by University of Oregon graduate students giving a virtual or in-person presentation at a conference or a workshop related to women and gender. Funding is contingent on the paper/panel acceptance at the conference or workshop. CSWS will prioritize requests from students with partial department support.

Travel for research purposes (fieldwork, archives, etc.) is not covered by these grants. Students seeking support for these activities should apply for CSWS Graduate Student Research Grants.

Please be sure to read the Travel Grant guidelines before filling out your application.

travel grant application link


Deadline: 5 p.m. Monday, January 9, 2023 (see Funding Period below)



  • Travel grant awards can be used for travel expenses incurred in during the current academic year (September to June 30).
  • Awards are subject to conditions set by CSWS. CSWS staff members are not eligible to apply.
  • Graduate students must be enrolled at the university: (a) during the year they apply for the grant and (b) during the year the grant money is used.
  • Note for Graduate Students with Financial Aid: Receiving this award may reduce your financial aid award. Please contact the Financial Aid Office prior to applying for this (and any other type of) support.
  • Funding Range: up to $300.
  • Frequency of Grants: Only one CSWS Travel Grant per person, per academic year. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received a CSWS Travel Grant in the previous fiscal year.
  • Use of Funds for travel must be related to one of the following activities related to women and gender in any subject area:
    • Presentation of a conference paper
    • Workshop
    • Other professional activity
  • If your travel plans change, please notify CSWS immediately.
  • NB: Travel for research purposes (fieldwork, archives, etc.) is not covered by these grants. Faculty, staff, and students seeking support for these activities should apply for CSWS Research Grants.
  • Estimated expenses related to the travel for which you are requesting funding must be included.
  • A letter of confirmation of paper acceptance for presentations at conferences must be uploaded to the application form or, if not available yet, emailed to when you receive it. If the letter is not yet available, also note a date of notification when prompted. Funds will not be released until a letter is submitted.
  • The letter must be submitted as a PDF (we will not accept other file types).
  • Please use the following formats for your uploaded or emailed letter:
    • Name of the PDF: Lastname_Firstname_TravelGrantConfirmation
    • In the subject line of email: Travel Grant letter: [your name]
  • Applications for travel support from other sources, including notification dates, must be included in the application.
  • Collaborators should submit separate grant applications for their presentation.
  • Although University-approved per diem rates may be used for meal and incidental expenses, other travel expenses are reimbursed only upon presentation and processing of proper receipts. Please note that original receipts are required for reimbursement and must be submitted within five months of the expenditure.
  • On the application's final summary page, you can use the back (left-facing) arrows at the bottom of the page to update parts of your application if you forgot something. Your can also save a PDF of your application from the final summary page.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All updates must be completed BEFORE you click the forward (right-facing) arrows at the bottom of the final summary page. Clicking the forward arrows on the summary page will submit your application. You will not be able to access your application again after that.
If you have questions or problems with submission, please contact CSWS at 541.346.5015 or