2017 Annual Review

  • “A Year in Review: 2016-17,” by Michelle McKinley & Dena Frazier
  • The Work of the First Generation Writer: with Cherríe Moraga,” interview by Alice Evans, Gabriela Martínez, and Dena Frazier

Faculty Articles

  • “Oceanic Whispers, Stories She Never Told,” by Alaí Reyes-Santos, Department of Ethnic Studies
  • “Gender, Ethnicity, and Citizenship: Female Burmese Workers in Chinese Border Cities,” by Xiaobo Su, Department of Geography
  • “Did You Kill Your Baby? Gender, Race, and Religion in the Early Venezuelan Republic,” by Reuben Zahler, Department of History
  • “A Pakistani Poet Lifts Her Voice against Violent Extremism,” by Anita Weiss, Department of International Studies

Graduate Student Articles

  • “Institutional Mother, Professional Caregiver,” by Yi Yu, Department of Geography
  • “The Birth of an American Staple Fruit,” by Helen Yi-lun Huang, Department of English
  • “Understanding Women’s Agency in Rural Punjab, Pakistan,” by Sarah Ahmed, Department of Sociology
  • “Developing Style: How the Washington Post Discovered Women’s Issues,” by Thomas Schmidt, PhD, Research Fellow, Wayne Morse Center
  • “Listening as Learning: Reflections on an Ethnography of Gender in Quinhagak, Alaska,” by Anna Sloan, Department of Anthropology
  • “Beyond Bonds of Blood: Queer Families and the Limits of the Marriage Equality Movement,” by Kenneth Surles, Department of History
  • “Placing Mexico on the Map: Rosario Castellanos and Global Feminist Literature,” by Erin Gallo, Department of Romance Languages
  • “Gender, Land, and Food Sovereignty in Nicaragua,” by Rachel Mallinga, Department of Public Policy, Planning & Management

Highlights from the Academic Year

  • “Ayana Mathis and The Twelve Tribes of Hattie,” Panelist commentary by Sharon Luk, Department of English
  • News & Update
  • Looking at Books

Remembering Sandra Morgen

Publication Year