2016 Annual Review

  • “CSWS Has a New Director,” by Alice Evans, Managing Editor
  • “Voices of the Vanquished,” by Gina Herrmann, Associate Professor of Spanish, Romance Languages
  • “The Afterlife of Princess Ka‘iulani,” by Stephanie Teves, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies
  • “Women in Papua New Guinea,” by Aletta Biersack, Professor, Department of Anthropology
  • “Daughters of the Moon: True Life Stories from the Lacandon Rain Forest,” by Analisa Taylor, Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Romance Languages
  • “The Forgotten Story of Japanese Women Who Studied in the U.S.,” by Alisa Freedman, Associate Professor, Japanese Literature and Film
  • “HandiLand: Nature, Disabililty and the Magic Kingdom,” by Elizabeth A. Wheeler, Associate Professor, Department of English
  • “Raising Chickens: Women and the Emergence of Poultry Production,” by Elizabeth C. Miller, ABD, Department of Sociology
  • “Melodramatics of Turkish Modernity,” by Baran Germen, PhD candidate, Department of Comparative Literature
  • ”Gender, Inclusion, and Military Recruiting,”by Jeremiah Favara, PhD candidate, School of Journalism and Communication
  • “Deportation & Redefining Masculinities on the Northern Mexico Border,” by Tobin Hansen, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology
  • “This Body Could Be Mine,” by Danielle Seid, PhD candidate, Department of English
  • Highlights from the Academic Year
  • Looking at Books
  • NWWS: Crossing Borders
  • NWWS: “Putting a Face to Child Immigrants,” by Lidiana Soto, master’s candidate, School of Journalism and Communication
  • “Remembering Joan Acker”
Publication Year