2021-22 Events

After a pandemic hiatus, Noon Talks returned in January 2022. These scholarly talks span the interests of many departments in the areas of women and gender and are presented by recent recipients of our graduate student research grants:

Winter 2022

  • January 14: “The Myth of Whiteness as Cleanliness: A Settler Colonial, White Supremacist, and Patriarchal Construction.” Annalee Ring, Philosophy. For more information.
     Image from Annalee Ring's Noon Talk
  • January 27: “Informal Labour Blues: Impact of COVID-19 and Beyond on Women Belonging to Backward Caste Communities in Hyderabad, India.” Malvya Chintakindi, Anthropology. For more information.
  • February 2: “‘There’s nobody with common sense that can look down on the domestic worker’: Dirt, Disease, and Hygiene in Alice Childress’s Like one of the Family.” Cassandra Galentine, English. For more information.
  • February 16: “Creating a Non-gender Binary and Queer/Women-centered Sports Space: Strategies and Experience of Korean ‘Queer Women Games.’” Jinsun Yang, Sociology. For more information. 
  • March 2: “Viral Bodies in Loco afán and the film Lemebel (2019): The Virality of Transfeminism in the Art of Pedro Lemebel.” Jon Jaramillo, Romance Languages, CSWS Jane Grant Dissertation Fellow. For more information.
  • March 30: “Working Class Gay Dads: Queer Stories about Family and Work.” Nathan Mather, Counseling Psychology. For more information.

Spring 2022

  • April 12: “A Feminist Approach to the Early Modern Literary Canon.” Cornesha Tweede, Romance Languages. For more information.
  • April 29: “Helping Mom and Helping the Community: Immigrant Youth’s Perspectives of the Future.” Niki DeRosia, Education Studies. For more information. For more information.
  • May 11: “More Than Binary: Gender Diversity in Computer Science Education and Employment.” Max Skorodinsky, Education Studies. For more information.
  • May 25: “Otro Mundo Posible: Environmentalist Activism and Agroecology in El Salvador.” Annalise Gardella, Anthropology. For more information.