2014 Annual Review

An Interview with Michael Hames-García, Director, CSWS

Special Section: Collaborative Research

“The Collaboration Continuum” by Michael Hames-García

“Collaboration through Conversation” by Jenée Wilde, PhD candidate, Department of English (Folklore)

“Plugging into the Recharge Station” by Mary E. Wood, Professor, Department of English

“Harnessing Hearts and Minds: The Power of Activism in Academia” by Marina Rosenthal & Carly Smith, PhD candidates, Department of Psychology

“A Documentary Experience” by Sonia De La Cruz, Adjunct Instructor, School of Journalism and Communication

Research and Interviews

“Media, Democracy, and the Construction of Collective Memory: A Conversation with Gabriela Martínez” by Alice Evans

“Women, Development, and Geographies of Insecurity in Post-Conflict Southeast Turkey” by Jessie Clark, Instructor, Department of Geography

“BiSciFi Project: Researching Speculative Fictions and Bisexual Lives” by Jenée Wilde, PhD candidate, Department of English (Folklore)

“Identity, Culture, and Communication: LGBTQ Youth and Digital Media” by Erica Ciszek, PhD candidate, School of Journalism and Communication

“‘The Other Lives”—Locating Dis/Ability in Utopian Feminist Science Fiction: An Interview with Kathryn Allan” by Alice Evans

“Discovering the Other Lives” by Kathryn Allan, 2013 Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellow

Publication Year