2021 Annual Review

  • A Letter from the Past Director by Michelle McKinley, Bernard B. Kliks Professor of Law
  • New Special Project Advocates for Institutional Change by Jenée Wilde, Dissemination Specialist, CSWS
  • Spotlight on CSWS Affiliate Major Field Awards
  • Gyoung-Ah Lee to Lead WOC Project by Jenée Wilde, Dissemination Specialist, CSWS
  • An Interview with Sangita Gopal by Jenée Wilde, Dissemination Specialist, CSWS
  • Reflections: UO Graduate Students Share How Works by WOC Faculty Changed Them

Faculty Research

  • Oral History Website Preserves Stories from Eugene’s Lesbian Community by Judith Raiskin, Associate Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • #ForeverEssential: What Does it Mean to be a Low-wage Essential Worker in the Age of COVID-19? by Lina Stepick, Lola Loustaunau, Larissa Petrucci, and Ellen Scott

Graduate Student Research

  • M(other)work of Survival and the Pandemic as Teacher by Cristina Faiver-Serna, Jane Grant Fellow, Department of Geography
  • “My Stealthy Freedom”: Feminist Resistance through Social Media in Iran by Parichehr Kazemi, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science
  • Tempos of Zoom Ethnography: Singing with a Women’s Chorus in the Pandemic  by Molly McBride, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology
  • Breaking the Celluloid Frame: The Women at the Margins of Disney Animation by Stephanie Mastrostefano, PhD Candidate, Department of English
  • “Soy mujer, latina e inmigrante”: An Intersectional Study of Linguistic Capital among Latina Women Immigrants in Oregon by Lara Boyero Agudo, PhD Candidate, Department of Romance Languages
  • El Noa Noa: Strategies of Love and Care at the U.S.–México Border by Polet Campos-Melchor, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology
  • Urgent Pauses: A Reflection on My Renewed Commitment to Rigorous Research by Katherine M. Huber, PhD Candidate, Department of English

Highlights from the Academic Year

  • News & Updates                                                       
  • 2021-22 CSWS Research Grant Award Winners     
  • Charise Cheney Named Black Studies Director     
  • Thank You to CSWS Donors                                     
  • Looking at Books       
Publication Year