2015 Annual Review


  • “Facing Up to Institutional Betrayal,” by Michael Hames-García, 2014-15 Director, CSWS
  • “Sangita Gopal Joins CSWS Staff,” by Alice Evans, CSWS Research Dissemination Specialist
  • “Retrospective,” by Gabriela Martínez, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication
  • “A Fruitful Collaboration,” by Margaret Hallock, Director, Wayne Morse Center

Special Section: Supporting Research

  • “Re-Thinking Research Time,” by Priscilla Peña Ovalle, Associate Professor, Department of English; Cinema Studies
  • “Parenting without Protection: How Legal Instability Influences LGBT-Headed Households,” by Judith Raiskin, Associate Professor, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies and Alison Gash, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
  • “Developing a Screening Tool to Identify Young Women with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” by Debra Eisert, Associate Professor, College of Education, and Haidee Copeland, PhD
  • “Contingent Liberty in the Americas” by Michelle McKinley, Associate Professor, School of Law
  • “Bisexuality: Materials for Class,” by Jenée Wilde, PhD, Department of English (Folklore)
  • “Gender, Time, and Sexual Violence,” by Megan M. Burke, PhD, Department of Philosophy
  • “Gendered Internal Migration in Oaxaca, Mexico,” by Iván Sandoval-Cervantes, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology
  • “Immigration and Gendered Violence,” by Kathryn Miller, PhD candidate, Department of Political Science
  • “California’s Prison Realignment and Its Effects on Female Probationers,” by Kristine Riley, master’s graduate, Conflict and Dispute Resolution Program
  • “Came to Serve, Left Betrayed,” by Kristen M. Reinhardt, MS, PhD candidate, Department of Psychology
  • “Visualizing Women’s Roles in Agriculture,” by Samantha King, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology

Highlights from the Academic Year

Looking at Books

Publication Year