2018 Annual Review

  • “A Year in Review: 2017-18,” by Dena Zaldúa, Operations Manager
  • Spotlight on New Feminist Scholars
  • “A conversation with Walidah Imarisha,” interview by Alice Evans, Michelle McKinley, and Dena Zaldúa

Faculty Research

  • Counterblast: excerpt from O. Henry winner,” by Marjorie Celona, Assistant Professor, Creative Writing Program
  • “No Child Should Long for Their Own Image,” by Ernesto Martínez, Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies
  • “Lesbian Oral History Project,” by tova stabin, University Communications
  • “Black Sexual Sanctuaries,” by Shoniqua Roach, Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • “Unrest in the Aisles: Eileen Otis Studies Labor Unrest in Chinese Walmarts,” by Emily Halnon, University Communications
  • “Abuse, Mental Illness, and Girls’ Immune Health,” by Michelle Byrne, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Psychology

Graduate Student Research

  • “Occupying a Third Place: Pro-Life Feminism, Legible Politics, and the Edge of Women’s Liberation,” by Laura Strait, Jane Grant Fellow, School of Journalism & Communication
  • “Uncovering the Science in Science Fiction,” by Angela Rovak, Department of English
  • “Feeling Disposable: Exploring the Emotional Structure of Precarious Migrant Labor,” by Lola Loustaunau, Department of Sociology
  • “Magic & Power: Black Knowledge and Marriage Education in the Postwar American South,” by Lacey M. Guest, Department of History
  • “Are you sure, sweetheart, that you want to be well?” by Margaret Bostrom, Department of English
  • “Concussion: Physiological Consequences of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Women and Men,” by Alia Yasen, Department of Human Physiology
  • “Falls & Fatigue: The Effect of Mental Fatigue in Postural Stability in Women and Men,” by Amanda Morris, Department of Human Physiology
  • “Developing a Disability Legal Consciousness: Racism & Ableism in Special Education Advocacy,” by Katie Warden, Department of Sociology

Highlights from the Academic Year

  • “Laila Lalami: The Border and Its Meaning,” panelist commentary by Miriam Gershow and Elizabeth Bohls, Department of English
  • “Queer History Lecture: Regina Kunzel,” by Kenneth Surles, Anniston Ward, and Ryan Murphy
  • News & Updates
  • Looking at Books
Publication Year