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Currently available are Spring 1997 through Spring 2008.

Spring 1997

Pg 1 CSWS Research Initiatives Launched

Pg 6-7 Third Annual RIG-A-Fair: Engaging Feminisms

Pg 8-9 Medieval Designs

Pg 10 Sex Differences in Workplace Dispute Resolution

Pg 10 The New Woman and the New Writing

Pg 11 Exploring Scholarships and Activism

Pg 16 (Book) Full Court Press


Autumn 1997

Pg 1 Girls, Generations, and Globalization

Pg 6-7 Engendering Rationalities: Dialog Across the Disciplines

Pg 8 Feminist Humanities Project

Pg 10 Breaking Down Boundaries

Pg 10 Representation as a Political Practice

Pg 11 Research on Gender and Organizational Change

Pg 16 (Book) Sex and Sensibility: Stories of a Lesbian Generation


Winter 1998

Pg 1 Girls at the Center: Creating a New Research Agenda

Pg 6 Teaching the Past in the Present

Pg 8-9 Women’s Health and Aging Research Initiative

Pg 16 (Book) “13 to 30” Bridges Issued


Spring 1998

Pg 1 The Long Reach of Research

Pg 3 Feminist Voices and Visions

Pg 6-7 Girls, Generations, and Globalization

Pg 8-9 Women in the Northwest Research Initiative

Pg 10 Research Profile: Anna Dhu McLucas

Pg 10 Research Profile: Julie Navkov

Pg 11 Research Profile: Deborah Sang

Pg 16 (Book) Between Jesus and the Market


Autumn 1998

Pg 1 CSWS Lands $250,000 Grant

Pg 3 “Border Lies” to Look at the Future of Backlash

Pg 8-9 New CSWS Publications Focus on Women, Families, and Communities Policy Matters: A New Series; Status of Women in Oregon: A Sourcebook

Pg 10 Profile: Molly Johnson

Pg 10 Profile: Anne Simons

Pg 11 Profile: Lynn Stephen

Pg 12 In Memoriam: Marsha Ritzdorf, 1946-98

Pg 13 UO Hosts Trauma Meeting

Pg 16 (Book) Gender and the Poetics of Excess: Moments of Brocade


Winter 1999

Pg 1 “Border Lies” Takes Center Stage

Pg 8-9 CSWS Grants of Success

Pg 10 Profile: Annette Bridges

Pg 10 Profile: Alison Snyder

Pg 11 Profile: Mia Tuan

Pg 16 (Book) Witches and Witchcraft


Spring 1999

Pg 1 Low-Wage Work to Get High Profile

Pg 3 Jane Grant Exhibit is the Talk of the Town

Pg 7 The Psychology, Culture, and Politics of Abortion in the United States

Pg 8-9 Border Lies Notebook

Pg 10 Profile: Maram Epstein

Pg 10 Profile: Patricia Halliday

Pg 11 Profile: Jocelyn Hollander

Pg 12 Remembering Izzie Harbaugh

Pg 16 (Book) The Love Debate Poems of Christine de Pizan


Autumn 1999

Pg 3 The Politics of Work and Welfare Conference Attracts Scholars, Activists

Pg 8-9 The Conversation Begins: Scholars to Share Perspectives on Gender and Ecology

Pg 10 Profile: Patricia Penn Hilden

Pg 10 Profile: Karen McPherson

Pg 11 Profile: Ellen Riordan

Pg 16 (Book) Passionate Journeys: Why Successful Women Joined a Cult


Winter 2000

Pg 4 Profile: Alison J. Ball

Pg 4 Profile: Ellen Herman

Pg 6-7 Listening to and Learning From Women About New Reproductive Technologies

Pg 8 University Faculty Members to Join Conversation on Gender and Ecology

Pg 11 Feminist Scholarship Crosses Borders

Pg 12 (Book) A Law of Her Own


Summer 2000

Pg 1 More Work on Welfare Follows Conference

Pg 2 Center View: S. Marie Harvey and Sheryl Thorburn Bird

Pg 3 The Ecology of Dialogue

Pg 6-7 Words on Work, Welfare, and Politics

Pg 12 (Book) Wide Sargasso Sea


Autumn 2000

Pg 1 Taking Nature Seriously: Citizens, Science, and Environment

Pg 2 Center View: Sandra Morgan

Pg 6-7 Where There’s a Web, There’s a Way

Pg 9 The Conversation Continues

Pg 11 What’s love Got to Do With It? A Role of Men in Women’s Reproductive Health

Pg 12 (Book) Imagining Heaven in the Middle Ages: A Book of Essays


Winter 2001

Pg 1 CSWS Researchers Receive $1 Million Grant

Pg 2 Women of Excellence

Pg 3 Transformations: Women in History 2001

Pg 6-7 Creating Common Ground for Uncommon Dialogue

Pg 8 CSWS Welcomes Resident Felows in the Ecological Conversations Program: Anne Carr; Giovanna Di Chiro; Joni Seager

Pg. 9 Report from Vietnam

Pg 12 (Book) Cold Warriors: Manliness on Trial in the Rhetoric of the West


Spring 2001

Pg 1 "Taking Nature Seriously" Proves Fertile Ground

Pg 2 Policy Matters Preview

Pg 3 CSWS Offers Perspectives on Welfare

Pg 4 RIGs Sponsor Two Conferences: Feminism Unbound; Gender in Motion;

pg 6-7 Summer Reading: New Books by CSWS Affiliates

Pg 12 (Book) Playing It Safe: How the Supreme Court Sidesteps Hard Cases and Stunts the Development of Law


Fall 2001

Pg 1 A Crowning Year of Conversations

Pg 2 An Ecological Conversation with Giovanna Di Chiro

Pg 3 Do Conspiracy Beliefs Foster High-Risk Behaviors?

Pg 6-7 Road Notes: The Feminist Humanities Project Does England

Pg 9 Fall Fellows Hail from Pacific Nations: Imelda Bacado; Veronica Brady

Pg 12 (Book) Constituting Workers, Protecting Women; Gender, Law, and Labor in the Progressive Era and New Deal Years


Winter 2002

Pg 1 No Longer WHARI

Pg 2 An Ecological Conversation with Veronica Brady

Pg 6-7 Getting Off Welfare is Only Half the Battle. The other Half is Living Off Welfare.

Pg 8 FHP Bring "Humanities Computing" Scholar to the University of Oregon

Pg 9 Sacred Conversations Continue: Edrie Sobstyl; Nimachia Hernandez

Pg 11 War on Terrorism Should Not Attack AIDS Prevention

Pg 12 (Book) Power and Civil Society in Pakistan


Spring 2002

Pg 1 Women in the Northwest Tackle Welfare "Reform"

Pg 2 An Ecological Conversation with Nimachia Hernamdez

Pg 6-7 Creating Common Ground for Uncommon Dialogue

Pg 8 New $275,000 Grant From NIH to Fund Conspiracy Beliefs Study

Pg 9 Researching Green Nuns

Pg 12 (Book) Uncontained: Urban Fiction in Postwar America


Fall 2002

Pg 1 Creativity Collaboration, Communities- Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future

Pg 4 Native American Communities RIG

Pg 6 CSWS Launches New Community Partnership Program

Pg 11 A Conversation with Jan Eliot- CSWS's First Community Member

Pg 12 (Book) Into Our own Hands: The Women's Health Movement in the United States, 1969-1990


Spring 2003

Pg 1 Acting Director Praises Center's Collaboration Model

Pg 2 CSWS Publishes Third Policy Matters: Understanding Medical Abortion

Pg 4 Social Sciences Feminist Network RIG

Pg 6-7 CSWS and Knight Library- Collaborations Build Virtual Collections

Pg 9 In the Wake of Welfare Reform: The Work Continues

Pg 10 CSWS Support Makes a Difference!

Pg 12 (Book) Trauma and Cognitive Science


Fall-Winter 2003

Pg 1 Interrogating Security: Campus Collaborations Promote Critical Inquiry

Pg 4 Reclaiming the Past: the Best Research Interest Group in History

Pg 6-7 Former CSWS Directors Stay Centered: Three Decades of Success

Pg 8 Initiative Updates

-Feminist Humanities Project

-Women in the Northwest

-Research Program on Women's Health

Pg 11 Lectureship Will Honor Oregon Ecologist Joy Belsky

Pg 12 (Book) Philosophy of Science and Race


Spring 2004

Pg 1 The Borders of Human Security: Bringing Geopolitics Home

Pg 2 CSWS Recieves National Award

Pg 4 The Healing Arts

Pg 6-7 Joy Belsky Lecture Unites Visionary Theorists and Activists

Pg 9 First Adoption History Site Launched

Pg 10 Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship Winner Barbara Sutton Pursuing Research in Argentina

Pg 12 (Book) Midrashic Women: Formations of the Feminine in Rabbinic Literature


Fall-Winter 2004-5

Pg 1 Interrogating Race, Gender, and Militarization: Grant Supports New Collaboration between Women's and Gender Studies and CSWS

Pg 4 The Feminist Philosophy RIG

Pg 6-7 The Borders of Human Security: Geopolitics Comes Home

Pg 12 (Book) The Emerging Lesbian: Female Same-Sex Desire in Modern China


Winter-Spring 2005

Pg 1-2 Vigilant Attention to Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Higher Education: A March Panel Discussion Features Three Dynamic Speakers: Gertrude Fraser; Yolanda Moses; Norma Cantu

Pg 3 It's Time for a Pro-Woman Tax System

Pg 4 Violence, Gender, and Society RIG: Celebrating a Successful November Forum

Pg 6 Feminist Scholar M. Jacqui Alexander to Speak on Transnational Feminism

Pg 7 Rethinking Security: Gender, Race, and Militarization Colloquium

Pg 9 Chandra Mohanty to Speak on Global Feminism and Third-World Women

Pg 10 Finding Treasures Online: The Virtual Mesoamerican Archive

Pg 11 A Road Scholar's Story: Presenting Frida Kahlo at Womenspace

Pg 12 (Book) Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You


Fall 2005

Pg 3 Professor Calls for New Focus on Child Abuse

Pg 3 Marie Harvey Named One of Oregon's women of Achievement

Pg 4 The National Psyche and War: An Examination of Gender, Race, and Militarization

Pg 5 Military by the Numbers


Winter 2006

Pg 2 On race and Militarization

Pg 4-5 Class, Race, Gender, and The History of the West

Pg 8 (Book) Gender in Motion


Spring 2006

Pg 4-5 The Political Force in Africa

Pg 6 Historian Solinger to Speak at Symposium

Pg 8 (Book) Class Questions: Feminist Answers


Fall 2006

Pg 2 A Conversation wit the UO's First Woman Provost

Pg 4-5 Gender, Race, and Militarization in the Pacific Islands

Pg 8 (Book) Zapotec Women: Gender, Class, and Ethnicity in Globalized Oaxaca


Winter 2007

Pg 2 In Memoriam: Rob Proudfoot and Steve Swenson

Pg 4-5 Women's Voices and the Collective Declaration of Protest in Oaxaca

Pg 8 (Book) Thresholds of Belonging


Spring 2007

Pg 2 New Society for Feminist Phenomenology in Formation

Pg 3 CSWS Spotlight: Hannah Goldrich

Pg 4-5 Empire in the Twenty-First Century: Emergence, Contestation, and Gender

Pg 7 Intimate Partner Violence, Gender and Methamphetamine Conference

Pg 8 (Book) Women's Liberation and the Sublime: Feminism, Postmodernism, and Environment


Fall 2007

Pg 3 CSWS Spotlight: Margaret Lehrman

Pg 4-5 Planting the Seeds of Excellence: CSWS Awards $2 Million in Research Funding

Pg 8 (Book) Composer Libby Larsen's Women of the Wild West


Winter 2008

Pg 2 In Memoriam - Miriam M. Johnson

Pg 3 Title IX Turns Thirty-Five

Pg 4-5 The Virgin, The "Concubine," and the Computer: CSWS Hosts National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institution for Teachers

Pg 7 Taking it on the Road: CSWS Road Scholars Program

Pg 8 (Book) Women Defending the Plaza: Gender, Citizenship, and the Politics of Place


Spring 2008

Pg 2 CSWS Receives Grant From the National Council for Research on Women for Mentoring Junior Faculty Women of Color

Pg 3 Barbara Corrado Pope Launches New Career as a Novelist

Pg 4-6 Conference on Gender, Families, and Latino Immigration on Oregon

Pg 7 First UO Society for Interdisciplinary Feminst Phenomenology Institute on May 28-30

Pg 8 (Book) Kinship by Design: A History of Adoption in the Modern United States