The White Devil

The White Devil Book Cover
The White Devil, by John Webster (1612), edited by Lara Bovilsky (Bloomsbury, 2021, 224 pages). “This fully re-edited, modernised play text is accompanied by insightful commentary notes, while its lively introduction explains why Webster’s interests in complex female lead characters and questions of social tension related to sexuality, gender, race, and law and equity—unusual for the play’s time—have led to its increasing relevance for modern audiences and readers. Exploring the challenges of staging this highly melodramatic play, Lara Bovilsky guides you through the most interesting points of its rich performance history, and explores the onslaught of recent productions with race-conscious and regendered casts. Analysing its masterful poetry, she shows how the work can be harnessed to engage debate about the abuse of political and religious authority, the troubling fruits of economic desperation, and personal freedom, and empowers you to do likewise.” —from the publisher
John Webster