Librarian Tatiana Bryant coauthors article based on CSWS-supported research

Tatiana Bryant, then at UO Libraries, received a 2017-18 CSWS Faculty Grant Award as well as a CSWS Travel grant in support of research for the project “Gender Performance and Identity in Librarianship.”

She recently coauthored an article that is the first in a series based on the study this grant supported. Bryant is now an assistant professor, University Libraries, at Adelphi University.

See: Tatiana Bryant, Hilary Bussell, and Rebecca Halpern. “Being Seen: Gender Identity and Performance as a Professional Resource in Library Work.” College & Research Libraries, Vol. 80, No. 6 (2019). 

Abstract: “While much of the literature on gender in librarianship approaches this issue at an organizational level, this qualitative study investigates how individuals working in libraries perceive their gender identities as a resource for their professional goals and how this intersects with other social identities including race and sexuality. Using a constructivist grounded theory approach to analyze in-depth interviews with 29 librarians from a variety of backgrounds, we develop four overarching themes: Visibility and Connection to Library UsersCredibility and Presumed CompetenceLack of Awareness and Hyperawareness, and Being Your Authentic Self and Concealing Yourself.”