Inclusive Pedagogies RIG to discuss rhetorical listening Jan. 27 & 31

Inclusive Pedagogies RIG to discuss rhetorical listening

On Friday, Jan. 27, and Tuesday, Jan. 31, the IPRIG will be reading together and discussing "Enacting Rhetorical Listening: A Process to Support Students’ Engagement with Challenging Course Readings," by Jessica Rivera-Mueller (Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence, vol. 4, no. 2, Fall 2020). Below is the article's abstract:

Many educators assign course readings to purposefully enlarge students’ perspectives. In doing so, though, educators may face a range of behaviors—reluctance, resistance, avoidance, disengagement— from students who feel that such readings negatively press upon their prior knowledge, belief systems, or educational goals. This teaching challenge is often present for social justice educators. However, “rhetorical listening,” a rhetorical theory developed by Ratcliffe (2005), is a pedagogical tool that can help shift students’ understandings of and expectations for the activity of reading, thereby creating a learning environment that supports meaningful engagement with challenging course readings. In this article, the author outlines a process for enacting rhetorical listening and describes the pedagogical outcomes that have been achieved through this process.

All members of the UO community are invited to participate in the Inclusive Pedagogies Research Interest Group (IPRIG). The group meets twice per term to read together and discuss current pedagogy and research in support of student learners from diverse backgrounds.

No homework is required to participate. At each meeting, the group spends 30 minutes reading a selection of recent research related to pedagogy and the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, ability, and other aspects of identity. The remainder of the meeting focuses on reading discussion and time to share thoughts and experiences related to inclusive, antiracist practices in our classrooms.

The IPRIG meets in the CSWS Jane Grant Room (Hendricks 330) on Friday of Weeks 3 and 7 each term, with alternative meetings on the following Tuesday of Weeks 4 and 8. Friday meeting times are 11 a.m.–1 p.m. and Tuesdays are 4–6 p.m.

The Inclusive Pedagogies Research Interest Group is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women in Society. Co-coordinators are Jenée Wilde, senior instructor of English, and Mark Van Ryzin, research associate professor of human development. For more information, contact Wilde at or go to the Inclusive Pedagogies website.

Print copies will be provided to attendees who RSVP to RIG co-coordinator Jenée Wilde. For more information about starting or participating in CSWS RIGs, click on this link.