Inclusive Pedagogies

New Research Interest Group for 2018-19

Rig Coordinators: Jenee Wilde and Emily Simnitt, English Department faculty


The IPRG meets twice a term to read and discuss current composition theory and research in support of student writers from diverse backgrounds. No preparation is required. We read together for 30 minutes then discuss recent research in fields of composition and the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, ability, and other aspects of identity. All are invited. Our goals are to develop a shared language for writing and assessment as they relate to diversity, equity, and inclusion concerns for teaching our diverse student body; and to build a community who help each other reflect upon and refine inclusive teaching practices. Reading together gives us a shared language for reflecting on our work. We are using the space of the reading group to discuss not only assessment of students but our own praxis and to share what we’ve learned through national conference papers, invited talks, and other research-based products.

First book discussion (books will be made available to RIG members at the beginning of Fall Term):

Stacy Waite, Teaching Queer: Radical Possibilities for Writing and

For more information, contact above coordinators.