Feminist Futures: An Evening of Dance, Music, and Discussion


7:00 PM March 8, Beall Concert Hall, 961 E. 19th Ave, Eugene. The Center for the Study of Women in Society is collaborating with the School of Music and Dance to produce a music and dance performance in Winter 2024 featuring SOMD faculty work on the theme of “feminist futures” in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of CSWS. Camille Ortiz (voice), Stephen Rodgers (music theorist), Gustavo Castro (pianist) will present on the songs of Mary Turner Salter (1856–1932), an American female composer never given rightful recognition. The presentation will be accompanied by a live performance of four of her songs. Choreographers and dancers Shannon Mockli, Bárbara Lima, and composer Akiko Hatakeyama will create a piece centering around gender, identity, societal barriers, and personal stories. They will explore what it is to dial up and dial down embodied impulses as they emerge from a range of sensations and ideas, building multiple paths for being in relationship and find the potential for provoking expressions created through individual movement differences. Lydia Van Dreel, Melissa Peña, Leander Star, Frances Pinkham, and Ann Ellsworth will be performing as part of the Lawrence Graduate Bayreuth Tuben Quintet (LGBTuben Quintet). The tuben horn (often referred to as the “Wagner tuba”) is an orchestral misfit, approximately the size and shape of a euphonium but played with a French horn mouthpiece. Informed by their decidedly un-Wagnerian values of inclusivity, diversity, and visibility, the LGBTuben Quintet aims to build and expand the cannon for their flexible ensemble and advance a non-hierarchical agenda that includes affecting positive social change and creating broader representation for the historically underrepresented. A preconcert panel discussion on diversity, equity, and access in the performing arts will be led by the LBGTuben Quintet. A reception will follow the performance. Information.