Co-sponsorships of Speakers & Events

NOTE: CSWS will not be co-sponsoring events for AY 2022-23 and AY 2023-24 as all resources will be directed towards our 50th anniversary during that period.

The Center for the Study of Women in Society receives regular requests to sponsor or co-sponsor events and programs. We provide limited, supplemental financial support of speakers and events on campus that include scholarly and/or creative work from a range of disciplines on topics that address the complicated nature of gender identities and inequalities.

CSWS's Director will evaluate all requests and determine the amount, nature, and source of CSWS's contribution(s) to campus events. A prime consideration in making a decision to support any request will be an assessment of the initiative's relationship to CSWS's mission and programmatic goals.

By submitting the Co-sponsorship Request form you attest that all the information contained therein is factual and that you are authorized by your organization to request funds from CSWS.

You will be notified via email with the decision regarding your request.


  1. Funding Range: Award limits are up to $200 for a single speaker, and up to $300 for a conference.
  2. Use of Funds: Funds go toward the speaker’s presentation or the event itself.
  3. Funding Limitations: The event must be free and open to the public. If the event is part of a larger fee-based program such as a conference requiring paid registration, the specific lecture co-sponsored by us must be free and open to the public.
  4. Time of Submission: Application for funding from CSWS must be made at least four weeks before the event.
  5. Funding Period: CSWS will transfer co-sponsorship funds AFTER the event has occurred. Arrangements for funds transfer must be made within the academic year in which the event occurs and within three months of the expenditure, whichever comes first.
  6. Acknowledgment: Acknowledge the Center for the Study of Women in Society (CSWS) in all publicity and promotion, including flyers, posters, programs, news releases, websites, and social media posts.
  7. Publicity: Please submit copies of all publicity to CSWS, 340 Hendricks Hall, and email to CSWS Dissemination Specialist Jenée Wilde at for inclusion on the CSWS website.
If you have questions or problems with submission, please contact CSWS at 541.346.5015 or



Co-sponsorship request form