Faculty Affiliates

To learn more about or to become a CSWS Faculty Affiliate, email csws@uoregon.edu



  • Monique Balbuena, Associate Professor of Literature, Clark Honors College
  • Dare Baldwin, Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Kemi Balogun, Associate Professor, Sociology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Faith Barter, Assistant Professor, English
  • Judith Baskin, Professor Emerita, Religious Studies, and Philip H. Knight Professor Emerita in Humanities
  • Juliet “Jill” Baxter, Associate Professor and Department Head, Education
  • Erin Beck, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Aletta Biersack, Professor Emerita, Anthropology
  • Louise Bishop, Associate Professor Emerita of Literature, Clark Honors College
  • Elizabeth Bohls, Professor and Associate Department Head, English
  • Lara Bovilsky, Associate Professor, English
  • Lowell Bowditch, Professor, Classics
  • Yvonne Braun, Associate Professor, Global Studies, and Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Sara Brownmiller, Professor Emerita, UO Libraries
  • Jamie Bufalino, Instructor, Director of General Social Sciences, History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Michelle Byrne, Assistant Professor, Psychology





  • Franny Gaede, Associate Librarian, Digital Scholarship Services
  • Dennis Galvan, Professor, Global Studies and Political Science, and Vice Provost of International Affairs
  • Diana Garvin, Assistant Professor of Italian, Romance Languages
  • Alison Gash, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Amalia Gladhart, Professor of Spanish, Romance Languages
  • Marion Goldman, Professor Emerita, Sociology
  • Joanna Goode, Associate Professor, Education Studies
  • Bryna Goodman, Professor, History
  • Sangita Gopal, Associate Professor, Cinema Studies
  • Deborah Green, Greenberg Associate Professor, Religious Studies
  • Karen Guillemin, Professor, Biology
  • Margaret Hallock, Professor Emerita and Establishing Director, Wayne Morse Center for Law & Politics



  • Kaori Idemaru, Associate Professor of Japanese Linguistics, East Asian Languages and Literature
  • Mary Jaeger, Professor, Classics, and Director, Humanities Program
  • Lamia Karim, Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Masami Kawai, Assistant Professor, Cinema Studies
  • Kate Kelp-Stebbins, Assistant Professor, English
  • Jina Eleanor Kim, Assistant Professor of Korean Literature and Culture, East Asian Languages and Literatures
  • Linda Kintz, Professor Emerita, English
  • Anya Kivarkis, Professor, School of Art and Design
  • Cheris Kramarae, Senior Courtesy Research Associate, Center for the Study of Women in Society
  • Allison Kunerth, Data Manager, Stress Neurobiology and Prevention Lab, Center for Translational NeruoScience


  • Gordon Lafer, Professor, Labor Education and Research Center
  • Ana-Maurine Lara, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • C. Anne Laskaya, Associate Professor, English
  • Gyoung-Ah Lee, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Anthropology
  • Abigail Leeder, Director, Experiential Education and Prevention Initiatives, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Julia Lesage, Professor Emerita, English
  • David Leiwei Li, Collins Professor of the Humanities, English
  • Deanna Linville-Knobelspiesse, Associate Professor, Couples and Family Therapy Program Director, Education
  • Krystale Littejohn, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Charlene Liu, Associate Professor, Acting Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Acting Director, School of Art and Design
  • Joseph Lowndes, Professor, Political Science
  • Leah Lowthorp, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Folklore
  • Audrey Lucero, Associate Professor, Education, and Director of Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education
  • Sharon Luk, Associate Professor, Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Kathryn Lynch, Senior Instructor II, Co-Director of the Environmental Leadership Program, Environmental Studies


  • Allison Madar, Assistant Professor, History
  • Ed Madison, Assistant Professor, Journalism and Communication
  • Bonnie Mann, Professor, Philosophy
  • Roberta F. Mann, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Stewart Professor of Business Law, Law
  • Ernesto Martinez, Associate Professor, Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Gabriela Martinez, Professor, Journalism and Communication
  • Dyana Mason, Associate Professor, Planning, Public Policy and Management
  • Bronwen Maxon, Assistant Librarian, Undergraduate Engagement Librarian, UO Libraries
  • Theresa May, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
  • Heather McClure, Bilingual Assistant Research Professor, Education
  • Erin McKenna, Professor, Associate Head, Philosophy
  • Michelle McKinley, Director, CSWS, and Professor, Law
  • Karen McPherson, Professor Emerita of French, Romance Languages
  • Ellen McWhirter, Ann Swindells Professor in Counseling Psychology, Clinical Training Director, Counseling Psychology
  • Katie Meehan, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Debra Merskin, Professor, Journalism and Communication
  • Leah Middlebrook, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Spanish, Department Head, Comparative Literature
  • Isabel Millán, Assistant Professor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Quinn Miller, Associate Professor, English and Cinema Studies
  • Christopher T. Minson, Singer Endowed Professor, Human Physiology
  • Kate Mondloch, Professor, History of Art and Architecture, and Interim Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
  • Fabienne Moore, Associate Professor of French, Romance Languages
  • Madonna Moss, Professor, Anthropology, and Curator of Zooarchaeology, Museum of Natural and Cultural History
  • Barbara Muraca, Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Environmental Studies


  • Kari Norgaard, Professor, Sociology and Environmental Studies
  • Dorothee Ostmeier, Professor of German and Folklore and Public Culture
  • Eileen Otis, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Priscilla Ovalle, Associate Professor and Head, Cinema Studies
  • CJ Pascoe, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sociology
  • Gabriela Pérez Báez, associate professor, Department of Linguistics
  • Doris Payne, Professor, Director of African Studies, Linguistics
  • Ellen Peters, Professor, Philip H. Knight Chair, Journalism and Communication, and Director, Media Center for Science and Technology
  • Barbara Corrado Pope, Professor Emerita, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Daniel Pope, Professor Emeritus, History
  • Amanda Powell, Senior Lecturer II of Spanish, Romance Languages
  • Jenifer Presto, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
  • Gina Psaki, Professor Emerita, Romance Languages
  • Laura Pulido, Collins Professor and Head, Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies






  • Priscilla Yamin, Associate Professor, Political Science, and Head, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Kristin Yarris, Associate Professor, Global Studies, and Director, Global Health Program
  • Jenny Young, Professor, Architecture
  • Reuben Zahler, Associate Professor, History
  • Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, Senior Librarian, The Kenneth M. and Kenda H. Singer Science Librarian, UO Libraries