2022-23 CSWS Research Grant Awardees

Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship

  • Parichehr Kazemi, Political Science, “Visual Protest Movements: How Social Media Images Challenge Authoritarian State Power in Iran’s ‘My Stealthy Freedom’ Movement.”
Graduate Writing Completion Fellowship
  • Holly Moulton, Environmental Studies, “Futuremaking in a Disaster Zone: Indigenous Women, Climate Justice, and the Everyday Politics of Climate Change in Peru.”
Graduate Student Research Grants
  • Alexis Adams-Clark, Psychology, “Sexual Violence, Institutional Betrayal, and Institutional Courage: Capturing Student Perspectives through a Qualitative Interview Study.”
  • Bobbie Bermudez Bonilla, Critical and Socio-Cultural Studies in Education, “Pero Con Ganas: Latina Testimonios on Cultural Wealth and Overcoming Microaggressions in Schooling.”
  • Brooke Burns, Philosophy, “Sylvia Wynter’s Humanist Appraisal.”
  • Kaito Campos de Novais, Anthropology, “Visualizing Mourning: Activist Mothers of LGBTQ+ People in Brazil.”
  • Jeongon Choi, East Asian Languages and Literatures, “Tune Korean Television to Women.”
  • Isabella Clark, Sociology, “Too Sensitive? Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.”
  • Leticia Garcia, Psychology, “Surviving Racism from Womb to Cradle: Assessing Parent of Color NICU Experience in Oregon.”
  • Mushira Habib, Comparative Literature, “Thinking through the Skin: Affective Literacy and Literary Orientations.”
  • Daizi Hazarika, Anthropology, “Witch-hunting: Gendered Violence Against Indigenous Hindu Women in Assam, India.”
  • Gloria Lizette Macedo Janto, Romance Languages, “Gender Roles in the Testimonial Narrative of Andean Women from Peru (1980–2000).”
  • Kiana Nadonza, Anthropology, “Crowning Community: The Cultural Politics of Beauty Pageantry in Postcolonial Philippines.”
  • Michele Pflug, History, “‘In Pursuit of Butterflies’: Gender, Madness, and Science in the English Countryside 1655–1715.”
  • Olivia Wing, History, “Common and Contested Ground: Chinese and Japanese Youth Culture in the Pacific Northwest, 1920s–1960s.”
Faculty Research Grants
  • Joyce Cheng, History of Art and Architecture, “Hello Kitty’s Kunstwollen: Kitsch, Ornament, Allegory.”
  • Annelise Heinz, History, “Collective: How Lesbian Feminists Reimagined Society.”
  • Lesley Weaver, Global Studies, “A Multi-Stakeholder Analysis of Women’s Houselessness in Eugene, Oregon.”
Graduate Student Travel Grants
  • Ronja Behrends, School of Journalism and Communication, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference.
  • Jaclyn Bogner, Counseling and Human Services, Society of Research on Adolescence Conference.
  • Emily Milius, Music Theory, Mississippi University for Women.
  • Zeinab Nobowati, Philosophy, PhiloSOPHIA: Society for Continental Feminism Conference.
  • Annalee Ring, Philosophy, American Psychological Association Convention.
  • Cornesha Tweede, Romance Languages, Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry Conference.