2017-18 CSWS Research Awards: Jane Grant Fellowship, Graduate and Faculty Research Grants, and the Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship


“2017-18 CSWS Research Awards: Jane Grant Fellowship, Graduate and Faculty Research Grants, and the Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship”

2017–18 Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship
  • Department of Geography: “Institutional Mother, Professional Caregivers: Biopolitics of Affective Labor in Chinese State-owned Social Welfare Institutions.” PhD candidate ’s research “focuses on female professional caregivers in China’s state-owned social welfare institutions and examines the complex roles they play in raising orphans.” Yu holds an M.A. in geography from Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and a B.S. in urban planning and resources management from East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.
2017-18 Graduate Student Grant Awardees
  • Camila Alvarez, Department of Sociology: “Hyper-exploitation of Immigrant Women of Color: Thinking intersectionally about gender, race, and nation in the study of unpredictable scheduling practices.”
  • Margaret Bostrom, Department of English: “Are you sure, Sweetheart, that you want to be well?: Feminisms, Fitness, and the Politics of Wellness and Welfare in the 1980s.”
  • Anna Cook, Department of Philosophy: “Settler Denial as an Epistemology of Ignorance.”
  • Lacey Guest, Departments of History and Women’s and Gender Studies: “Magic and Power: Educating African-American College Students in the Science of Marriage, 1920s-1960s.”
  • Lola Loustanau, Department of Sociology: “Incomprehensible Working Experiences: Hyper-exploitation, Quiescence and Resistance among Immigrant non-English Speaking Workers in Portland, Oregon.”
  • Amanda Morris, Departments of Human Physiology: “The Effect of Mental Fatigue in Postural Stability in Women and Men.”
  • Angela Rovak, Department of English: “Toward the Genomics Era: Speculative Heritages in Kindred and Dawn.”
  • Katie Warden, Department of Sociology: “Advocacy Strategies of Mothers of Children with Disabilities.”
  • Alia Yasen, Department of Human Physiology: “Physiological Consequences of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Women and Men.”
2017-18 Faculty Grant Awards
  • Tatiana Bryant, UO Libraries: “Gender Performance and Identity in Librarianship.” This article is the first in a series based on the study this grant supported: Tatiana Bryant, Hilary Bussell, and Rebecca Halpern. “Being Seen: Gender Identity and Performance as a Professional Resource in Library Work.” College & Research Libraries, Vol. 80, No. 6 (2019). 
  • Michelle Byrne, Department of Psychology: “Interactions of Abuse and Mental Illness in the Development of Girls’ Immune Health.”  
  • Dyana Mason, Department of Public Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM): “Institutional Logics, Hybridity and Women’s Empowerment in an International Development Program.”
  • Eileen Otis, Department of Sociology: “Women, Wal-Mart and Labor Resistance in China.”
2017-18 Undergraduate Jane Higdon Senior Thesis Scholarship
  • Delaney Swink, Department of International Studies, “Social Change in Morocco: Islamic Feminism and Women’s Rights to Education.” Faculty Adviser: Yvonne Braun.