Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship
Miriam Abelson plans her tour of the American South.

Miriam Abelson plans her tour of the American South.

Miriam Abelson, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology, was awarded the prestigious Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship. Her field-based research looks at “Transgender Experiences and Transmasculinities in Three U.S. Regions.” Abelson conducted a portion of her research during the summer of 2010 in the southeastern United States. On that trip, funded in part by an earlier CSWS graduate research award, she traveled a total of 3,000 miles in three weeks and interviewed 16 transmen—“people whose bodies had been assigned as female at birth who transitioned to live as men.” She also has interviewed transmen in the San Francisco Bay area and the Midwestern United States and is engaged in a comparative regional analysis of their experiences. “Experience, Confidence & Vision” — 2013 CSWS Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship awardee Miriam Abelson reflects on the importance of CSWS support to her work as a scholar.

Graduate Student Research Awards
  • Lindsey Brown (Counseling Psychology): “Women’s Intimate Partner Violence Experiences and Health and Vocational Outcomes: The Role of Trauma Appraisals”
  • Megan Burke (Philosophy): “Gender as Time: A Phenomenology of the Violence of Gender Normativity”
  • Erica Ciszek (SOJC): “Identity, Culture, and Communication: LGBTQ Youth and Digital Media”
  • Sara Clark (International Studies): “Women in Society: Host Mother Experiences of Cross-Cultural Exchange”
  • Lauren Joiner (Music): “Para-Liturgical Traditions: The Weingarten Cantionarium as a Women’s Manuscript”
  • Samantha King (Anthropology): “The Ethics of Organic: Gender, Sustainability, and the Agrarian Economy in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Eastern Caribbean”
  • Kristine Riley (CRES): “California’s Prison Realignment and Its Effects on Female Probationers”
  • Ryan Robinson (Counseling Psychology): “Intersection of Minority Identities and Health Outcomes: Minority Stress and Resiliency in Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) of Color”
Faculty Grant Awardees
  • Jessie Hanna Clark (Geography): “Women, Development, and Geographies of Insecurity in Post-Conflict Southeast Turkey”
  • Debra Eisert (Center on Human Development): “Identifying Young Women with High Functioning Autism”
  • Sangita Gopal (English): “Between State and Capital: Women Make Movies”
  • Jocelyn Hollander (Sociology): “The Effectiveness of Self-Defense Training in a Diverse Population”
  • Jolie Kerns (Architecture): “Interrogating Public Space: Architecture of Women’s Health Centers”
  • Marsha Weisiger (History): “Slaves in My Past: A Family Story”