PSU NEW Leadership Oregon Applications Open: Women Student Leadership Training

February 21, 2019

Application due Feb. 21, 2019 for PSU’s NEW Leadership Oregon program.

The Center for Women’s Leadership at Portland State University would like to invite female-identifying students at your college/university to apply for our 16th Annual NEW Leadership Oregon (NLO) program!

Thank you so much for encouraging female-identifying students in your life to lead. We know that women often don’t self-select into leadership, so having teachers and mentors encourage those that identify as female is critical to advocating for more women to opt-in to leadership roles. If you know of female-identifying folks who would be interested in participating in NLO, please encourage them to apply. Applications are due by February 21, 2019, and are available online here.


  • NEW Leadership™ Oregon is the award-winning women’s leadership development program housed at the Center for Women’s Leadership. Open to all female-identified students enrolled at any university/college/community college in Oregon, the six-day residential program educates and encourages outstanding college women to develop paths towards leadership.

  • Program Dates: In addition to the six-day (June 20-25, 2019), residential program, participants have access to ongoing mentorship and networking opportunities. The program’s fall training day will take place on September 14, 2019, and is designed to provide participants with additional training and support.

  • Residential Program: Participants stay in the PSU residence halls from Thursday to Tuesday and attend sessions or work meetings every day. There are between three and five sessions or activities per day, and participants also take a trip to Salem to tour the Capitol and meet with elected officials.

  • Program Pace: Participants should be prepared for a very rewarding, but very highly programmed six days! There is planned rest time during the middle of the program and participants have all their meals with their NEW Leadership cohort, staff, and faculty in residence.


  • NEW Leadership Oregon teaches leadership through action. Participants will:

    • Practice public speaking, planning, organizing, and networking to address real social problems.

    • Draw on the expertise of seasoned coaches and the experiences of women leaders in government, business, science, art and the community.

    • Visit the Oregon Capitol and learn about the legislative process from state policymakers.

    • Learn a set of skills designed specifically to prepare college women for public and private leadership.

  • By participating in the NEW Leadership™ Oregon program, college women find out why and how to develop their own leadership skills through interaction with Oregon’s past and present women elected officials, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, policy specialists, innovators and activists. Hands-on skills-building workshops teach women to lead by taking action. Apply here.


“My participation in NEW Leadership Oregon has enabled me to grow in a capacity I never would have believed possible. It has instilled in me a belief that I have the ability to become a leader in my community. It has given me the confidence to work towards my goals without fear of failure. And most importantly, it has provided me with opportunities to develop academically, politically, and professionally. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in NLO. It made me an agent of change in my own life. I look forward to contributing to NLO and the CWL in the future and helping to empower more young women like myself.” Find more testimonials online


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, NEW Leadership Oregon only costs participants a program fee of $250. We do have a significant scholarship program, as we are committed to making the experience accessible for all and never turn participants away for economic reasons. The actual cost for development, food, housing, and program materials for the six-day program is closer to $1,250.

Applications are due Feb. 21, 2019. Applications are available online here. Any female-identifying student enrolled in an Oregon college or university during the current academic school year is eligible to apply. We encourage students with all kinds of interests and backgrounds to apply. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Melissa at the Center for Women’s Leadership at 503-725-5122.

Melissa Boomer, Program & Communications Assistant, Center for Women’s Leadership