Michelle McKinley Wins Newberry Fellowship

UO law professor Michelle McKinley
University of Oregon law professor Michelle McKinley has been awarded a Newberry Library Short-Term Resident Fellowship for Individual Research for her work-in-progress titled “Fractional Freedoms: Slavery, Legal Activism, and Ecclesiastical Courts in Colonial Lima, 1593-1700.”
A member of the CSWS Women of Color Junior Faculty Project, McKinley began teaching at the UO […]

CSWS-Supported Student Wins Fulbright

Ingrid Nelson, at the Centro de Formação Jurídica e Judiciária in Matola, Mozambique.
Graduate student Ingrid Nelson is one of eight UO students to receive a U.S. Student Program Fulbright award this year. The grant will support her doctoral dissertation research, “Gender Equity and Rural Sustainable Development in Zambézia, Mozambique.”
A Ph.D. candidate in geography, Nelson delivered […]

Women, Media, and Rebellion in Oaxaca

A documentary by Gabriela Martínez (RT 37 minutes)
Illuminating Important Questions in 21st-Century Mexico
Silent March
This documentary by Gabriela Martínez, University of Oregon assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Communication, tells the story of a media takeover that changed the nature of politics, and how we understand media, social movements, and in particular the role of women […]

Joan Acker—Capturing the Spirit of Oregon

Joan Acker is one of eight people who will be honored during Lane County’s Sixth Annual Older Americans Month celebration on May 6. The theme this year is “Lane County Honors Older Americans Who Capture the Spirit of Oregon.” Following is the nomination letter submitted by the Center for the Study of Women in Society.
Joan […]

An Old Map, Little Black Fruits, and Female Spirits

From the Field: Americas Research Interest Group
by Gabriela Martínez, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication and Stephanie Wood, Senior Research Associate, CSWS
Bety Cruz takes a close look at pre-Columbian pottery bits.
Today we went to some Zapotec communities not far from Oaxaca city, accompanied by Beatriz (“Bety”) Cruz, a graduate student from the same region […]

Monoliths, Silk Worms, and Scholarships

From the Field: Americas Research Interest Group
by Stephanie Wood, Senior Research Associate, CSWS

Zoila Bautista Hernández
Oaxaca, Mexico—On March 22nd Gabriela Martínez and I went deep into the Mixteca Alta to visit an archive in search of early manuscripts (kind of a bust) and then to go to a pueblo where one of the young […]