Grant Facts

Grant Deadlines

For a listing of CSWS grant deadlines or for a PDF version to download, go to: Grant Deadlines.

Preparing the Grant Application Budget for Faculty Research Grants

How do I figure OPE (Other Payroll Expense) into my faculty release/salary budget?

OPE is the percent of payroll taxes and benefits that the employer (department) is charged. The percent varies, depending on FTE as there is a fixed and variable portion of benefits. Your department office manager or payroll person can tell you what your usual percent OPE is; then you can multiple that percentage by your salary amount. For example, if your OPE rate is 36%, and you want to use the full $6000 grant for salary, then multiply 6000 by 0.36 for a result of 2160. Then $6000 is the amount of salary you can request in your budget, plus 36% OPE of $2160 for a total of $8160. If you still need help with this, please call the CSWS accountant, Peggy McConnell, 541-346-2262, or e-mail her at peggym(at)

Receiving Funds: Complete Directions

For complete directions on receiving funds from your grant award … (This is an Adobe Acrobat “pdf” file.)

Forms Needed for Receiving Reimbursements

For hotels, food, and travel reimbursements, you will need your receipts accompanied by the UO Foundation Entertainment and Travel Log form.  Download form in “doc” format.

Personal Services Agreement Form: Download form in “doc” format.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay subjects?

You can give subjects cash or gift certificates:

If giving cash –
1) Each person is assigned a number.
2) Each person must sign either a list or an individual certificate with their assigned number stating that they received the cash.
3) A list of the numbers that were paid, indicating how much each were paid, should be sent to CSWS.

The page should contain a statement such as:

This is a list of participants who have completed surveys and received $ xxx cash for their participation in the research study titled, ” xxxxx,”  conducted by xxxxxxx.

Participants’ names and corresponding participant identification numbers are being kept in a scure and locked filing cabinet for confidentiality purposes.

If giving gift certificates –
Gift certificates can be obtained by getting a check cut to Fred Meyer, for example, and have Fred Meyer provide you with gift certificates of a certain denomination. The subject must also sign that he/she received the gift certificate and you should follow the same procedure as above for accounting for them.

Do I have to pay for my airfare up front and get reimbursed later?

No. You can make reservations with one of the UO travel agencies (Journeys by Ambassador, Away, Premier, or River City Travel), have the itinerary faxed to CSWS, the accountant will prepare the travel approval form and send it to UO Accounting, and the ticket will be paid up front.

If your ticket is more than the award, then you will need to pay for the difference yourself at the time it is booked, or if you have available funds from another department you will need to provide the CSWS accountant with that department index and activity code. The difference will then be charged to that index.

If you pay for it yourself, send the original passenger receipt portion of the ticket, along with a completed UO Foundation Travel Log form (see “forms needed” section above), to the CSWS accountant for reimbursement. If it is an electronic ticket (no passenger receipt), please include the original itinerary from the travel agent, showing the amount paid.