CSWS Wikipedia Party Yields Results

Sandra Morgen, UO Professor of Anthropology, was among 9 women added to Wikipedia on March 9 / photo by Robert Hill Long

Sandra Morgen, UO professor of anthropology, was among 9 women added to Wikipedia on March 8 / photo by Robert Hill Long

On March 7 & 8, UO students and faculty, community members, and Wikipedians celebrated International Women’s History Month by editing, expanding, and adding entries about women on Wikipedia. With the help of Sarah Stierch, Susan B. Miller Fellow at the Berkeley Center for New Media and a former Wikipedian in Residence, 9 entries were created and 10 entries were edited. Encyclopedia entries now exist for:

The event was part of an international effort to increase both content about women and the number of women editors. “If women are contributing to these subjects [health and writers], when the majority of contributors are male, we’re going to have a natural systematic bias that forms,” Stierch told the Eugene Weekly following last year’s event. The Wikimedia Foundation estimates that only 9% of editors are women, despite the fact that women account for the majority of social media usage.