CoDaC offers summer writing circles

Faculty are invited to participate in UO’s Center on Diversity and Community Faculty Writing Circle program. Each term and during the summer, CoDaC offers 7-10 writing circles for faculty.

Writing Circles are weekly 3-hour slots for writing and research that use the power of careful goal-setting, positive accountability, and group troubleshooting to help everyone meet their writing goals for the term and longer-term, and to tackle hurdles related to writing or other elements of faculty life. Circles have been particularly valuable to many faculty seeking helpful structures during the pandemic as we all work from home.

In addition, CoDaC is offering specialized writing circles designed to meet the needs of faculty whose parenting and/or caretaking responsibilities have skyrocketed. Parents and caretakers are welcome and present in all of the circles and will find supportive colleagues. However, if you are particularly seeking group troubleshooting and support related to the challenges of writing at home while parenting/caretaking (and perhaps tired of hearing about how much free and writing time your colleagues are enjoying), these circles may be appealing to you.

For more information on how to join a CoDaC Writing Circle, contact Lara Bovilsky at before spring term ends.