2019-20 Working Groups / Research Interest Groups

CSWS offers small grants to faculty and graduate students to organize interdisciplinary working groups that explore and examine the complex nature of gender identities and inequalities for the academic year. Working groups will provide participants the opportunity to discuss readings of emerging and established feminist scholars and share their research. Funding may be used to pay for reading materials, food, and visits by scholars. Groups are encouraged to use working groups as the foundation for future conferences and symposia, course development, and publications. Preference will be given to those RIGS that strengthen the intellectual theme of the Center. For the 2019-20 academic year, the theme is “Gender, Power, and Grief.”  Where possible, RIG applications should draw scholars from different departments and ranks.

Those interested in organizing a working group should submit a proposal that includes the following elements:

1. Title and subject area
2. Purpose of the work group
3. Potential outcomes
4. List of participants
5. Schedule
6. Itemized Budget ($1000 max.)

Proposals should be addressed to:
Michelle McKinley, michelle@uoregon.edu (CSWS Director) and
Sangita Gopal, sgopal@uoregon.edu (WOC Convenor)
by November 15, 2020.

Working Groups

  • Inclusive Pedagogies
  • Gender and Justice in the Americas
  • Unfree Labor in the Americas Reading Group
  • Interdisciplinary Forum on the African Diaspora
  • Race, and Transnationalism in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Place and Displacement
  • Artivisms
  • Law, Culture and Society