Month: September 2011

UO Doctoral Student Offers PowerPoint Presentation on Educational Reform

Fig. 1: (Source: /AcademicandBehaviorTriangle.gif)
Under the current austerity regime forced on school districts by lack of tax revenue, imagining a more equitable school system that respects individuals may seem out of step with the business oriented forces at work in U.S. education policy. But Shelley Jensen thinks there is no time like the present to […]

River in the Sea: Tina Boscha’s novel now available as an e-book

Tina Boscha, instructor of composition in the University of Oregon Department of English, recently took matters into her own hands and self-published her novel as an e-book.
“A few years back, I was a very fortunate recipient of a CSWS Faculty Research Grant (and before, of a CSWS Graduate Research Grant) for my novel River in the […]

My Teenage Werewolf: book trailer

What do mothers and teens REALLY think as they interact? Catch the angel-devil inner monolog in this book trailer for the paperback edition of …
My Teenage Werewolf—by Lauren Kessler

Professor Lauren Kessler is the director, graduate program, Literary Nonfiction, University of Oregon, and the editor of Etude magazine.

Identity Complex—a groundbreaking new book by Michael Hames-García

Identity Complex: Making the Case for Multiplicity
Michael Hames-García, Professor, University of Oregon Department of Ethnic Studies
University of Minnesota Press (August 2011)
From the publisher: “Grounded in both theoretical and political practices—in the lived realities of people’s experience—Identity Complex reinvigorates identity as a key concept and as a tool for the pursuit of social justice. Hames-García draws […]