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Medical Research Foundation of Oregon honors UO’s Judith Eisen

Judith Eisen
Source: Medical Research Foundation of Oregon to honor UO’s Eisen and Nolen | Around the O
Nov. 12, 2015—Biologist Judith Eisen received the Medical Research Foundation of Oregon’s Discovery Award during its annual banquet “for her seminal work in transforming the aquatic vertebrate model, the zebrafish, into a groundbreaking research model for biomedical science.”
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Judith Eisen wins teaching award

Judith Eisen
Editor’s Note: Judith Eisen is a CSWS faculty affiliate.

May 18, 2015—“A professor in the Department of Biology, Judith Eisen has played a leading role in establishing and co-directing the Science Literacy Program.

“The program is a major influence on how faculty teach in biology, chemistry and biochemistry, physics, geological sciences and human physiology. SLP-affiliated courses […]