2017 Affiliate Publications

Care Across Generations: Solidarity and Sacrifice in Transnational Families
by Kristin Yarris
Stanford University Press
August 2017
216 pages

Publisher’s Synopsis

Kristin Yarris is an assistant professor of international studies at the University of Oregon and a member of the Narrative Health and Social Justice Research Interest Group.


How Development Projects Persist: EverydayNegotiations with Guatemalan NGOs
by Erin Beck
Duke University Press
May 2017
280 pages

Publisher’s Synopsis

Erin Beck is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Oregon and a member of the Américas Research Interest Group.


Marriage Vows and Racial Choices
by Jessica Vasquez-Tokos
Russell Sage Foundation
February 2017
388 pages

Publisher’s Synopses

Jessica Vasquez-Tokos is an associate professor, UO Department of Sociology.