Intertwined: Story Teller Workshop

May 11, 2017

May 11, Time TBD, Location TBD Intertwined: A UO Listening Event

Intertwined: A UO Listening Event is a story-telling event that will pair story tellers from the University of Oregon community with musicians to create a staged event that pairs truth and artistry to increase awareness and empathy here at the UO. Student, Faculty, and Staff story tellers are all welcome! We ask that story tellers share stories that are their own personal truth.

This year’s theme for the event is: Stories of Home

Here are some prompts that could help you find a personal story that fits in this theme:
–          What does “home” mean to you?
–          The moment you lost home or your connection to home
–          Your first time away from home
–          How you created your own “chosen home”
–          The first time you understood what home meant to you
–          Escaping home
–          The struggle of never relating to “home”
–          Returning home
–          The people/person who are/is your “home”
–          An interpretation of the theme that is all your own!

Anyone interested in participating as a storyteller at this event or learning more should attend the Intertwined: Storyteller Workshop on March 4th 10am-1pm in the Straub 251. Lunch will be provided! You can sign up for the workshop by following this link:

You do not have to have a story completely written or finalized prior to the workshop! I believe your unique experience would make you a great asset to the overall event if your story were selected.

Again, to sign up for Intertwined: Storyteller Workshop, simply visit this link:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Eric Braman at <>.