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Changing Images of Japanese Workingwomen

Actress Amami Yuki (left) accepts an award for helping to popularize “Ara-fo.”
by Alisa Freedman, Assistant Professor of Japanese Literature and Film
Editor’s Note: In 2009, Professor Freedman received a CSWS Faculty Research Grant of nearly $4,000 to support her research in Japan. On October 28, she will offer a CSWS Noon Talk in the Jane […]

CSWS Grant Winner Uses Photovoice in the Appalachian Coalfields

Shannon Bell, front center, with the Harts Photovoice Group at their exhibit in West Virginia, April 2009.
Shannon Elizabeth Bell is a sociology graduate student with an activist’s heart. In her first grant application to CSWS, Bell noted that women are at the fore of the anti-coal movement in central Appalachia, stepping out of their traditional […]

CSWS-Supported Student Wins Fulbright

Ingrid Nelson, at the Centro de Formação Jurídica e Judiciária in Matola, Mozambique.
Graduate student Ingrid Nelson is one of eight UO students to receive a U.S. Student Program Fulbright award this year. The grant will support her doctoral dissertation research, “Gender Equity and Rural Sustainable Development in Zambézia, Mozambique.”
A Ph.D. candidate in geography, Nelson delivered […]

Women, Media, and Rebellion in Oaxaca

A documentary by Gabriela Martínez (RT 37 minutes)
Illuminating Important Questions in 21st-Century Mexico
Silent March
This documentary by Gabriela Martínez, University of Oregon assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Communication, tells the story of a media takeover that changed the nature of politics, and how we understand media, social movements, and in particular the role of women […]

An Old Map, Little Black Fruits, and Female Spirits

From the Field: Americas Research Interest Group
by Gabriela Martínez, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication and Stephanie Wood, Senior Research Associate, CSWS
Bety Cruz takes a close look at pre-Columbian pottery bits.
Today we went to some Zapotec communities not far from Oaxaca city, accompanied by Beatriz (“Bety”) Cruz, a graduate student from the same region […]

Monoliths, Silk Worms, and Scholarships

From the Field: Americas Research Interest Group
by Stephanie Wood, Senior Research Associate, CSWS

Zoila Bautista Hernández
Oaxaca, Mexico—On March 22nd Gabriela Martínez and I went deep into the Mixteca Alta to visit an archive in search of early manuscripts (kind of a bust) and then to go to a pueblo where one of the young […]